HechaKombucha Chrysanthemum and Longan Kombucha New Flavor Review!

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This is not my first taste of Hē茶 hechakombucha but it’s their newly release flavor and also my favourite to date! Worth a review post to be written. The taste is just nice, not too sour or sweet and very smooth to drink.

What’s is about Hē茶 Kombucha
” Our SCOBY team work hard to ferment the tea and create a natural sparkle along with an endless list of beneficial bacteria, vitamins, minerals and organic acids for you to benefit from. We brew our Kombucha in small batch by using the traditional method, only organic tea and fresh ingredients. ” Natural Flavours, Live Healthy ” is our number one priority. “

What’s the benefit of their Kombucha
– Live Probiotics
– Aids Digestion
– Detoxifies
– Boost Energy
– Strengthen Immune System
– No Preservatives
– Low Calories
– No Artificial flavorings and colourings.

Organic Green Tea, Organic Cane Sugar, Kombucha Culture, Filtered Water, Roselle Hibiscus.

– Keep refrigerated.
– Do not shake and open slowly.
– Contains sediment. (Kombucha Culture, safe to consume)
– Contains trace of natural alcohol due to fermentation process.
– Not recommended for pregnant women and breast-feeding.

Our Score

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